Vendor Information

The 4th Annual We The People Festival is coming November 21st, 2009 to Los Angeles.

Thank-you for your interest in becoming a Vendor for the We the People 2009 Music Festival.

For our returning Vendors, we valued your participation in last years 2008 WTP festival and appreciate your continued support. We are looking forward to an exciting 2009 year and encourage you to provide us with your suggestions and feedback to help us help you have a successful experience at this years festival.

All vendors must occupy only the amount of space they indicate on the application. If you exceed this space, you will be required to purchase another booth, if available. If another booth space is not available, you will forfeit your booth fee and not be allowed into the Festival. Vendors must provide their own tent, tables, and chairs. Insurance is required. Electricity is available.

Booth acceptance is based on the understanding that you will sell only those items listed on your application. You may not sell any additional items without our express written consent. In addition, those items we specify you may not sell must be omitted from your product line. In this case, we will contact you before depositing your booth fee.

Vendors may not sell any item with the We the People Music Festival (WTPMF) logos without the express written consent of WTPMF. Additionally, you may not sell any item with the name or image of any act playing the festival, without express written consent of said artist.

You may not sell… Drug Paraphernalia, tobacco of any kind. Art vendors may not sell food or drink. Food vendors may not sell anything other than food items.

Food vendors may NOT sell ice tea, alcoholic beverages, soda or bottled water. These items are sold exclusively by the festival.

Include all items you plan to sell or display. Failure to do so could jeopardize your participation in the festival.*

This is VERY IMPORTANT as it helps us to minimize overlaps.

For more information please send an email to