2009 Artists

Non Human Intelligence

"Their style of hip-hop has a very California-fun feel, and backed by hints of drum & bass and even ska among other genres, it's a great addition to any super smart summer soundtrack." - URB

The Los Angeles hip-hop underground is littered with dozens of interesting characters such as the MC's in Non Human Intelligence (Abyss, Dimension and Prizm). The trio combines elements of conscious hip-hop with elements of drum & bass and trip-hop to create a sound wholly original.

The group met while in high school and went through a variety of names such as Lyrical Concept and Poetic Intellex before deciding on Non Human Intelligence. "We don't think like your typical human beings," explains Abyss. "It is a symbol of three childhood friends with a common love in creating original, out of this world music with no limitations."

NHI hopes to change "the monotony of hip-hop today" by producing tracks of socially conscious hip-hop that transcends the usual labels. Hip-hop heads familiar with Hieroglyphics, Visionaries and Soul Position will find them refreshing to listen to.

NHI boasts an impressive resume that includes performances with Jurassic 5, Dilated Peoples, Raekwon The Chef and Eminem. They've collaborated with the likes of Will.I.Am of the Black Eyes Peas and Imani of Pharcyde. "NHI has a lot of energy" says Imani. "They are exactly what hip-hop is missing."