2009 Artists


Be on the look out for this up and coming artist!!! Pariah is a very unique 22 year old and seemingly quite prodigal underground concuss style hip hop artist from the San Francisco Bay.

Already at this age Pariah has made a huge international name for himself in the most competitive and largest rap battle league/circuit in the world known as Grind Time. In terms of his music, his first album "Outside the Box" was a smash hit in the underground Bay Area hip-hop scene known for capturing his very passionate, aggressive style of delivery mixed with a soulful sense of poetry, old school boom-bap style beats/music combined with complex rhyming structures and extremely thoughtful lyrics. Pariah already at the age of 22 has shared the stage with The Rza, Stone Mecca, Sweatshop Union, Ras Kass, Whocares, members of The Hieroglyphics, Project Blowed and the Shapeshifters, Scarub, The Bayliens, Ea-ski and Locksmith from the Frontline, Pumpkinhead, The Sauras and Illmaculate (2 time world rap champions), Dj Kevvy Kev, and many many more!!! He is now hard at work on his follow up group project called "The Architex" with 2 other mc's and close friends KI design and Cerebral Coretext. Pariah will doing songs off of both albums at this years we the people festival. And this is something you definitely do not want to miss!!