2009 Artists


Madvillain, yet another master collaboration brought to you by Stones Throw Records. Combining forces are the one and only Madlib and the infamous masked emcee DOOM. Madlib, who had been listening to Operation: Doomsday (1999) was impressed by the emcees lyrics and beats and contacted DOOM to talk about the possibility of working together. Though DOOM had never heard of Madlib at that point, as soon as he had heard the DJ's plethora of work he agreed immediately. The two met up in 2002 at the Stones Throw headquarters in Los Angeles and instantly clicked. In 2004 Madvillainy, the completed record was released and has proven to be one of the more critically acclaimed albums of both artist careers. The We The People Festival is honored to highlight the trailblazing wizardry of hip-hop exploration that is Madvillain.