2009 Artists

Radiant Amar

His style is unique and refreshing with lyrics that paint a vivid picture every time you listen. Radiant Amar is an artist whose story reflects the face of America's youth.

After years of performing as a traditional underground hip-hop artist, in 2005 Radiant Amar picked up the guitar to try another way to get his message out. Mixing hip-hop, rock and soul with his delivery, he developed a new sound that clicked instantly with various audiences.

During Radiant Amars youth, he lived between the streets of Brooklyn, NY and Houston, TX. In his real life story, as a teenager, he almost threw his life away by making bad choices. Rather than letting his circumstances and environment control the outcome of his life, he decided to take control of his own future.

Today as a part of his daily routine, he works hard to maintain his family and to set a positive example of what a real man should be for his son and daughter. His experiences enable him to relate to who ever is listening. Thats why he strives to inspire others.

In 2007 Radiant Amar, along with his brother, began a community empowerment program called the C.H.A.N.G.E. Initiative. The goal of the C.H.A.N.G.E. Initiative is to encourage people, regardless of their age, race, class or creed, to become agents of positive social change. The concept was mainly inspired by his brothers work as one of the establishing members of Russell Simmons Hip-Hop Summit Action Network.

Radiant Amars belief is that music and pop culture are key components to inspiring change amongst the masses of young people. The World is the name of the single written, produced and performed by Radiant Amar. On the track, he delivers a powerful performance with his electric guitar and inspirational lyrics. The song challenges todays generations to wake up and realize their potential to become leaders, with emphasis that the first step begins within oneself.

As Radiant Amar performs The World in front of live audiences throughout the country, the song is quickly picking up to become the theme music for Americas current 2008 political season.