2009 Artists

United By Sound

Two people can make a lot of noise. That goes for any 2-year-olds on crack-cocaine as well as L.A. based band United By Sound aka UBS aka Jeni Ivey & Timo Ceniceros aka whoneeds3akas. The duo, joined onstage by Bassist Ian Burney and drummer Ira Miller, met in High School and thats kind of cute but it wasnt until 2004 that they decided to start a band that would embrace the diversity of music like a dog his own balls. That was in San Francisco and its a good thing that what happens in SF doesnt stay there, because the UBS virus makes your ears look better (Warning: Might cause Motion).

Defining their style is like asking ecstasy toahtake it a lil easier. Its not in their nature. The good thing: It sounds more interesting. The bad thing: It makes writing bios like this one a bitch. But its about listening. Or throw it on the grill and eat it. You will taste soul, electro, dub-step, Crunk, experimental Rock, Trip Hop and maybe even a hint of folk. This particular dish goes with any alcohol.

It was never easy (starving children in Africa, please, disregard this paragraph). Jeni dropped out of college, fell down a cliff and slept on the floor. No, shes not the one selling you heroin on 2nd and 3rd, because she decided to work her butt off to be an artist. Jeni worked so hard, her hair turned red. Timo studied Flamenco guitar but for those of you who might think hed look good in tight pants, he too dropped out to join Jeni on the floor. And everyday they got up to make music. They still do.

But school never ends. Their diverse musical trainig helps to cross genres and to find their own path instead of following trends. In between, artists like Massive Attack, Led Zeppelin, Digable Planets, Billy Holiday, King Tubby, Talking Heads, and Herbie Hancock (and many more.sorry Britney) served as inspirations.

And while messages are incorporated into their songs, you wont ever have to peel them off your face. The philosophy that subtlety is far more thought provoking and entertaining than a brutal Save the world is reflected in songs like Benjamin, Feeling Just Fine or Guns. And if you think these titles are about a lost love, taking drugs or, you know, those things that shoot, please, return to the top of this paragraph.