The 4th Annual We The People Festival is coming November 21st, 2009 to Los Angeles.

Street team

Uncle Sam WANTS You!!
That's Why WE THE PEOPLE needs your help!!

Are you Righteous? Are You Conscious? Do You Give A Shiiz? The People need you and any able body person (with a vehicle), to help promote an all inclusive and far reaching event that must entice everybody AND THEIR MOTHERS, to come celebrate all things positive, socially progressive, and genuinelyhumanitarian.

Oh yeah we got the World Class Music Festival thing going too.

So for real, we are looking for all the hard working, powerfully motivated, and resourceful minded individuals (WITH A CAR!) we can find out there to promote the We The People Festival in allcapacitiesimaginable.

So if you are the most downest, hardcore, straight up and down threat of the streets, then forget what Uncle Sam wants,
We The People need You!!

Send your name and phone number to